Taught Courses

    2019/20 Winter term
    Machine Learning: Supervised Techniques (Lecture, JKU Linz)
    Machine Learning: Supervised Techniques (Exercises, JKU Linz)
    Lecture Series Artificial Intelligence (Lecture, JKU Linz)
    2019 Summer term
    Machine Learning: Unsupervised Techniques (Exercises, JKU Linz)
    Theoretical Concepts of Machine Learning (Exercises, JKU Linz)
    2018/19 Winter term
    Basic Methods of Data Analysis (Combined course, JKU Linz)
    2010/11 Winter term
    Theoretical Physics I: Classical Mechanics (Exercises, University of Vienna)
    2004 Summer term
    Theoretical Physics IV: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (Tutorial, JKU Linz)
    Theoretical Physics V: Advanced Quantum Mechanics (Tutorial, JKU Linz)
    Advanced Laser Physics (Tutorial, JKU Linz)
    2003/04 Winter term
    Theoretical Physics I: Mechanics (Tutorial, JKU Linz)

    Supervised and Co-Supervised Students

      Since 01/2019
      Thomas Adler, PhD Student (JKU Linz)
      04/2016 – 07/2016
      Kevin Höhlein, Bachelor Student (MPQ Garching & LMU Munich)
      Bachelor thesis title: “Violation of macroscopic realism in quantum spin systems”
      10/2013 – 01/2016
      Lucas Clemente, PhD Student (MPQ Garching & LMU Munich)
      Dissertation title: “Quantum violation of classical physics in macroscopic systems”
      Ayushman Shukla, Bachelor Student Internship (MPQ Garching & Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
      Bacherlor thesis title: “Macrorealism”